About Us

Our One Mission – Help Your Business be Successful

Our approach is simple. We focus on what matters most to owners and entrepreneurs – “grow my business as profitable as possible.” We’re small business entrepreneurs ourselves. Therefore, we focus on the same priorities you do. As a result, we use the same technologies to help grow and manage our business that we deploy for our clients. As we say at THINQ, “we eat our own cooking.”

Our History and Misspelled Name

THINQ was founded in 1998 in Marietta, Georgia by Mr. Bryan Maggi, an entrepreneur and technology veteran (elegant way of saying a professional geek). He found that small business owners lacked the know-how to properly use their technology investments to help grow their business. Additionally, small businesses were constantly plagued by their computer systems breaking and falling offline. To make matters worse, the cost of IT support services to maintain the systems were exceeding the original purchase price of the computer systems. Naturally, this did not make good business sense. And yet, a lot of small business owners accept this as a common business practice. In the end, we discovered these problems stemmed simply from poor IT infrastructure management. There was an smarter way to use technology, and we knew it.

So, after working and chatting with small businesses across various industries, we realized that each business (including THINQ) were facing the same two constant business challenges: 1) Keep my computer networking services up and running and 2) Control and lower IT support service expenses and headaches. That’s why we designed our specialty managed IT services for small businesses.

As for our namesake, that too is a simple story. We wanted to educate our clients on technology so they could make more informed and smarter decisions. Plus, we were appalled by the lack of quality customer service delivered to small businesses from the IT industry. In a complex industry of a new science such as information technology, anyone who delivered high-grade consistent, quality, personable customer service could win big. Real big. Viola! We adopted the “Q” from Quality, tagged it into our name.