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IT Efficiency + Staff Productivity = Lower IT Costs


staff-productivityLet's do a little exercise here:

You own a small company called WizBang (Don't judge; it's hypothetical, remember?) WizBang produces Wiz-Its. It has the capacity to produce a lot of Wiz-Its, and it's a good thing, as it turns out there's a high demand for them.

Wiz-It production is a highly specialized, highly technical skill. It takes a lot of time to educate and train a Wiz-It maker. 

One more thing: The Wiz-It-making process is extremely dependent on reliable computer access. If the servers go down, Wiz-It production ceases until they're back up.From a bottom-line point of view, every minute of the workday that the Wiz-It makers spend on what they're trained, educated, and hired to do -- produce Wiz-Its -- is a minute that generates revenue for the company. Every minute they're at work and not producing Wiz-Its is a loss of revenue.

WizBang has made the decision not to go the managed services route. After all, Jeremy, one of the Wiz-It makers, has a little bit of computer know-how. Why hire somebody to do their IT when WizBang already has someone on staff who has some basic IT knowledge?

(If this were a radio ad, it's at this point you'd hear the "record skip" sound effect.)

I'll repeat that: Why hire somebody to do their IT when WizBang already has someone on staff who has some basic IT knowledge?

Alright, so let's just answer that question.

1) Do you really want to put the entirety of your company's information technology -- indeed, the very ability of your company to function -- in the hands of someone who only has a basic knowledge of IT?

What happens if he runs into a problem he can't solve? You'll end up hiring someone anyway, and the urgency and severity of the problem may mean a higher price tag.

2) Perhaps you're thinking, "Well, what if Jeremy has more than a basic knowledge of IT?" What if this Wiz-It maker is a straight-up IT wiz?

Here's the thing: It doesn't matter. You're still losing money.

Even if Jeremy is an extremely competent IT guy, that's not what you're paying him for. Keep in mind that for every minute he's not producing Wiz-Its, WizBang is losing money. Even if Jeremy manages to keep WizBang's IT running smoothly -- even if it never goes down -- they're still losing money, because he's doing IT work, which generated zero revenue for the company, instead of the highly specialized, revenue-producing job of producing Wiz-Its.

Now you're starting to see, aren't you? Which leads us to #3.

3) Jeremy is only one of your Wiz-It makers.

To calculate the true cost of how much this little IT issue is costing you, you have to multiply the average amount of money WizBang loses from one Wiz-It maker's complete lack of Wiz-It production by the number of Wiz-It makers in the company. That will give you the total amount you're in the red with the loss of staff productivity.

Now do you see the inherent fallacy? WizBang isn't saving money at all by taking care of its own IT. In fact, it's hemorrhaging moola! 

WizBang could have saved money by going with THINQ's extremely reasonable managed IT services pricing. Learn from Wiz-It and put your IT in THINQ'S capable hands. Nip your IT issues in the bud with great preventive maintenance, and let your employees do what you're paying them to do!

Has your company ever suffered a loss of staff productivity due to an IT issue? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Optimize your IT efficiency with THINQ  

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THINQ's Managed IT Services Pricing: How High-Maintenance are You?


managed it services pricingWelcome back to ITmatch.com! As always, we're here to help you find a match to your IT needs that will leave your heart -- and your wallet -- all aflutter.

Today, we'd like to talk a little bit about the different types of IT available and which one may be best for you. For our purposes today, when we say "type," we're talking about the "maintenance" level of the IT you're looking for: high-maintenance, low-maintenance...you get the idea. By necessity, we're going to be speaking in some generalities here, but please don't take offense. It's only for the purposes of illustration and -- we may as well be honest -- entertainment. After all, juust because we're talking about managed IT services pricing doesn't mean we can't have a little fun, now does it?

1. Low-Maintenance

You know the type. This is the girl who is just as happy -- if not more so -- with a cheap bottle of grocery store Moscato and a Redbox rental than a fancy (read: expensive) evening out. This is the girl who doesn't need first-class amenities to enjoy first-class fun. This is the girl who's popular not in spite of her lack of pretension, but because of it. She's straightforward and no-nonsense: What you see is what you get.

When it comes to IT, there's a lot to be said for low-maintenance. Low-maintenance does not mean low-quality. Maybe your business is just starting out. Maybe you're small because, well, you're supposed to be small right now. Sometimes "small" is just another word for "efficient." At any rate, you've decided that you don't need all the bells and whistles; you just need the basics.

Good news: THINQ has a plan called "Basic." It's $100/server/month and $100/site/month, perfect for server rooms. Check our pricing page for all the details!

2. High-Maintenance

A high-maintenance woman is a woman who knows her worth. If you ask her why she's only satisfied with the best because, she'll probably say that it's because she deserves the best. This is a girl who's dressed to kill every time she steps out the door, and she has a back-up plan if anything gets in her way. Wine stain on her dress? Not a problem. She'll call her assistant to bring her another dress. Date flakes out right before a charity ball? No big deal; there's a line of suitors clamoring for some time with her. She has high standards and she's not afraid to assert herself.

THINQ's "high-maintenance" option would be its Fully-Managed plan. It's for businesses that know what they want and don't mind paying a little bit extra for it. For $200/server per month, $55/computer per month, and $100/site per month, you'll get:

  • one fixed monthly fee
  • unlimited server and desktop support
  • unlimited help desk support for staff
  • Unlimited onsite support
  • reporting and business preview
  • vendor management
  • business continuity plans (Plan B, C)
  • a 15-minute response time

3. Mid-Maintenance

Who says you have to be at one extreme or another? Consider the "Essentials" plan the Goldilocks of managed services pricing models: It's not too expensive, not too austere; it's not too extravagant, not too limited; not too big, not too small. It's juuuust right.

THINQ'S "Essentials" plan is $150/server per month, $45/computer per month, and $100/site per month. See here for more details about this plan that's perfect for most businesses.

IT plans, much like the fairer sex, can be intricate, complex creatures. THINQ understands that just because you have a certain set of IT needs now doesn't mean they won't change with time and circumstances. One of the most important qualities in business and relationships is the ability to adapt, and THINQ makes it possible to adapt to new circumstances very easily, whether you need IT support in Atlanta or elsewhere. You can add or remove systems instantly, and as your IT needs grow with your business, simply upgrade your plan.

Do you have any questions regarding THINQ's managed IT services pricing? Ask away in the comments!

Image credit: Maegan Tintari

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