Pricing and Plans

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For Server Rooms


$100 / Server / per month

$100 / Site / per month


  • One Fixed Monthly Fee
  • Unlimited Server Room Support
  • 24/7 Server/Network Monitoring
  • Monthly Server Tuning
  • Backup & Recovery Mgmt
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • 15 Minute Response 


Perfect For Most


$150 / Server / per month

$45 / Computer / per month

$100 / Site / per month


  • One Fixed Monthly Fee
  • Unlimited Remote Server Mgmt.
  • Unlimited Remote Staff Support
  • Remote Server + Desktop Tuning
  • Backup & Recovery Mgmt
  • Monthly Reporting
  • 15 mins. Response

Fully Managed



$200 / Server / per month

$55 / Computer / per month

$100 / Site / per month


  • One Fixed Monthly Fee
  • Unlimited Server + Desktop Support
  • Unlimited Help Desk Support for Staff
  • Unlimited Onsite Support
  • Reporting & Business Review
  • Vendor Mgmt
  • Business Continuity Plans (Plan B, C)
  • 15 mins. Response

Example:  15 workstations, 2 servers, 2 office locations (i.e. HQ & Branch office). Under Professional plan,
Monthly Fixed-fee is (15 workstations x $45, 2 servers x $150, 2 sites x $100) = $1,175 per month

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How does the 30 day free trial work?

What happens after the 30 day trial?

Pick the plan that is right for your small business and try us for 30 days. If THINQ is not for your business, no problem – we’ll email a week before your trial is over, so you won’t forget to cancel. You will not be charged a thing in the first 30 days. In fact, we do not require credit card information or prepayments to get started. We make it simple. If you are pleased with our service – as most of our clients are – we’ll setup your invoicing plan. Each plan is a monthly set, fixed price. That means you only pay one fixed fee, no surprises or stealth charges. This allows your small business to predict and budget your IT support investment. Invoices are emailed 30 days in advance and are due on the 1st of each month. With the invoice plan activated, your service will continue uninterrupted.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Is this a set monthly fee plan?

Not at all. The goal of our IT service is to help your business be successful, not punish it. We only require a 30 day written cancellation email or letter. You can opt out any time you want. There are no long terms contracts or commitments on your part. If you cancel, you will be billed the next month’s payment, but you won’t be billed again. Yes. Based on your service plan, you will only pay one set price each month. The price (as shown above in the calculation example) is based upon the number of servers, workstations (i.e. desktops and laptops), and office locations you want service coverage. You only pay for what you want IT service on. The idea is to keep your IT costs minimal while keeping your technology resources running at peak performance.

What happens if we add or remove systems?

Can you support our offices nationwide?

Your monthly price will change if you would like to add or remove systems (i.e. servers & workstations) and sites from your service plan. You can make this change instantly. Your new rate will be reflected in the next invoice. Some systems do not need support. You only pay for what you use. Yes. Many of clients have headquarters, branch, and satellite offices throughout North America that we support. If you want remote offices coverage, we simply include it in your monthly flat fee. With the ubiquity of the internet and our remote management tools, we can support and administer services very easily. In fact, our team can support your offices in different time zones.

Will my monthly rate change each year?

Any other questions before you sign up?

No. Our service plans do not include annual adjusted inflation rates. Again, our goal is to drive down your IT support costs, not increase them. The only trigger that will increase your monthly set fee is if you add more systems or sites to your service plan. Or, if you desire to upgrade your service plan the next level support plan. If you have any questions about our IT service plans and pricing, how they work, or the sign up process, please contact us at or call us at (888) 533-0565. We would be glad to assist.