Cloud Managed Services

THINQ’s Cloud Managed Services is easy, secure, and low-cost

So, What is Cloud?

Definition – “Cloud” is a broad term for hosting part of all of your technology capabilities outside your office. Basically you can move your business email, office software, industry-specific software, backup/recovery, and servers offsite.




How Cloud can help Your Business.

Four quick ways.  Here’s how:

  • Lower Cost.  Cloud is a single flat usage fee.  You only pay for what you use.  No upfront costs are required.  Unlike the traditional way of purchasing servers, email software, and backup tapes and disks, Cloud is a simple low monthly subscription fee with no capital costs. The total monthly savings becomes pennies to the dollar.
  • No More Outages.  Power goes out in your building; your IT operations is down. Your business is held to the mercy of the power company. Worse, you are losing revenue by the hour, not to mention paying staff to sit idle.  Hosting your critical IT operations in the cloud eliminates the risk of outages.
  • First-Class Security. The big concern for small businesses is putting their company’s confidential data “in the cloud”.  It is actually safer in our data center (i.e. “cloud”) than your office.  Your valuable data, servers, backups, and email all reside under lock and key, both physically and digitally.  Tour our datacenter to see for yourself.  Let us know and we’ll provide a virtual or on-premise tour.
  • Rapid Setup.  Purchasing, installing, configuring servers, users, security, email, backups, etc., generally takes days.  Cloud based solutions can be deployed in a few hours.  What does this mean for your business – low setup costs versus project fees to setup physical hardware.  For example, the upfront costs to purchase and setup a small business network averages $10,000.  Cloud setup costs ranges on average of $500 – $1,000.  Huge savings. No capital costs for hardware or software to buy or setup.  Your business can now move faster in hours rather than days or weeks.