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Speak direct to a Customer Success professional about how THINQ’s Managed IT Services can help YOUR business run more efficiently and economically.
Tell us a little about your business and the specific information technology “pains” or challenges you are facing and THINQ will:

  • Provide a FREE 30 Day Trial of IT Services at no obilgation.
  • Provide a complimentary assessment of your IT operations.
  • Recommend solutions to get your company’s IT challenges resolved.
  • Help identify cost savings options in your IT resources.

What our customers say about their experience with THINQ.

Started working with THINQ 15 years ago.  They are our original computer provider and setup our original systems here in Atlanta.  We depend on them for our day-to-day technology operations.”

Marco Porcile
Regional District Manager
US Group Consolidator

“THINQ works closely with all our department heads at getting our systems in place, up to speed, making them faster, and getting us up the next level”

Teresa Wilson
Director of Pre-School / Human Resources
St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church

“THINQ has let me get back to the business of engineering. They have significantly cut down my time for worrying about our IT department.”

Tom Barwick
Principal / Director of IT
Heath & Lineback Engineers

“Very impressed with THINQ’s proactive response. They knew we had a problem before we did. They were here to fix the problem before our employees started the day.”

Mike Frost
President / Founder
Telplus Communications

“Thanks to efforts by THINQ and their technical support staff we have very little downtime. We’ve worked with THINQ for nearly 15 years.”

Randy Pimsler
Architect / Principal
Pimlser Hoss Architects